Our 3-B Synergy Health System Helps Patients Heal Even When Nothing Else Has Worked Before

Dr. Seth LaFlamme and the Great Works team have been helping people recover from pain, headaches, migraines, traumatic brain injuries, concussions, dizziness and vertigo through innovative diagnostics and customized brain-based solutions for over a decade.


Your body was designed to heal.

If it’s not healing, something has it stuck. This is why Dr. Seth co-founded the 3-B Synergy Health Systems.

3-B Synergy Health System is the synthesis of functional neurology, chiropractic, and essential biochemistry support to provide a complete health solution.

Healing is possible when you
get back to balance.

Neurological Symptoms & Brain Fog

Traumatic Brain Injuries and concussions result from injuries that induce shearing forces to fragile brain tissue. They damage pathways that allow you to localize yourself in the world, manage sensory input, regulate your balance, modulate your emotions, and think clearly. TBI often creates vertigo and dizziness, which can involve injuries to the neck, the inner ear, or both. 

We use advanced neurodiagnostic technology to quantify how every relevant system is working, then design a treatment plan to return all of those systems to once again saying the same thing, so you can get back to living a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Anxiety & Depression: While not a physical pain, emotional pain can be the worst of all. Not only that, but anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, leaving the sufferer trapped between a rock and a hard place. Meanwhile, people around you often don’t understand because there isn’t necessarily anything visibly wrong. We understand these problems are very real, and the pain is not to be dismissed.

Our treatment of these conditions began as a common side effect of our comprehensive analysis and treatment protocols…people who came in for some kind of body pain also found they felt better emotionally as well. This led us to explore more deeply to see if we could more reliably help.

Our care is not at all what a therapist does, and does not replace that relationship. Our process is complementary to that vital resource. Here’s how it works: two critical components to healthy emotional well being are sound mind-body connection and prefrontal lobe integrity.

The reason our pain patients responded so well with their anxiety/depression symptoms was that pain is really a form of nervous system irritation called “nociception” that your brain then interprets as pain if there is enough of it, or your internal “energy” reserves are low. This static creates so much extra work for the brain, that there isn’t any gas left in the tank for feeling good. Your prefrontal lobe’s main job is to inhibit unwanted input and output.

Without top notch prefrontal integrity, your system’s is on constant overload and that leads to overexcitation and exhaustion, often in cycles, that contribute to the experience of anxiety and depression. Our goal is to remove these formidable barriers to recovery so you can face life with motivation, confidence and joy.


Vertigo & Dizziness

 Actually can be very different phenomena, but not necessarily unrelated. A feeling of spinning or moving is classical vertigo.

Dizziness can be that spinning feeling, but some people use the term to describe light-headedness, which is an indicator of a form of dysautonomia (problems with your basic, automatic life support system).

While vertigo is far and away more distressing as a symptom, both are problems with brainstem level function, and therefore problematic for overall well-being. By conducting an exhaustive study of baseline neurological function with state of the art computerized diagnostics, we are able to figure out what your particular phenomenon is caused by, and create a customized solution.

While typical vestibular rehab focuses on strengthening the whole system, we focus in on your specific deficits and bring them back in balance with your other systems, rebalancing the system, rather than powering it up to the point that imbalances are less noticeable. We find this approach is often successful where other attempts at treatment have failed.

Back & Neck Pain

Over 80% of Americans will experience some form of back pain in their life. Is this because it’s normal?


It’s because your spine is your functional center, with your low back also being your center of mass. All motion affects your center of mass.

Functional and neurological status affect motion. Any defect in motion or function DAMAGES your back and neck. When the stress reaches a critical point, there is inflammation and pain. There may or may not be arthritis or a disc bulge, but this is rarely the whole story…the dysfunctional movement patterns create the stress, inflammation and pain.

Restoring normal function allows the healing to begin. Particularly balance, coordination and inflammation must all be optimized to remove stress so you can walk, run, rake leaves, shovel snow, jump for joy, etc. with confidence that it won’t lay you out.

We customize your own individual plan to address YOUR cause of pain.

Migraines & Headaches

Head pain can be utterly debilitating. While migraines and headaches are not the same they do share many common characteristics, head pain not the least among them.

The upper neck and suboccipital (just under the back of the head) muscle tone affect head and scalp sensation, which is governed by the vagus and suboccipital nerves, respectively. Blood flow is another key factor, as well as general inflammatory state. Headaches, perhaps more so than any other condition, are highly individual.

This is why we explore all known factors of headache causation in our comprehensive Neuro-BioStructural exam. We use the information gained to custom design a treatment protocol tailored to your specific needs to give you the best chance of success. No one wants to spend several days a month slogging through the day with a throbbing head or shut up in a dark room while missing out on work and life. Our goal is to help you not only become someone who USED to have headaches, but help you lose the constant worry that plagues so many headache sufferers that it will strike at the worst possible moment. Life without headaches is pretty great. Let’s work together to get you there.


Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Shoulders & Hips


Joint Pain: Joint pain can be utterly debilitating, and gradually can cause  you to avoid the things you love doing because of the pain. We are creatures of motion, and our joints allow us to express that motion.

Joints the have been injured or are not moving correctly often lose flexibility over time, and can become hypomobile or functionally misaligned. Motor programming can become faulty even without direct injury, either as a response to injury elsewhere, or faulty balance and timing in the neurological systems that run the muscles of motion and support.

Inflammation that initially helps us heal becomes part of the problem if it extends beyond the initial injury, or if it is present systemically, thwarting your ability to recover from even simple stresses and injuries.

Whether you are suffering from chronic shoulder pain, bad knees or problems in any other joint, the priorities for treatment are much the same: Ensure healthy motion and motor programs, while managing inflammation to allow you to feel good again, and run, do yard work or play sports without being sidelined with “bum” joints.

Life is better without joint pain. With our thorough understanding of the full nature of joint pain, we are uniquely qualified to help with your recovery to get get to the lifestyle you love.


TMJ: Many people look to their dentist for TMJ pain, and get mouth guards and/or exercises, typically, as a treatment. Sometimes this resolves the issue, and sometimes not.

Dentists are trained to care for teeth, Chiropractors are highly trained to improve joint function, so our contribution to your TMJ case may be invaluable in helping it to resolve completely if your dentist’s treatment options are not completely resolving to issue. Furthermore, the jaw is a very special joint–the muscles surrounding it are controlled by cranial nerves, rather than spinal nerves.

Cranial nerves originate in the brain, rather than the spinal cord, and are more intimately connected to overall brain function than other peripheral nerves. This makes our office’s specialty in chiropractic neurology of significant value in the treatment of TMJ dysfunction.

We look not only at the biomechanics of the joint and its movement patterns, but also at functional neurological patterns that affect the performance and health of the jaw joint. The autonomic and vestibular systems surround the trigeminal (jaw movement and face sensation) nucleus in the brain, and strongly influence its function, so even with proper alignment, the jaw may still have tension, or the sufferer may grind their teeth at night to try to resolve these issues, which rarely works.

A focused rebalancing of the muscles and neurological systems that influence jaw function, as well as appropriate inflammation management have shown to help most cases we have seen where conventional first line treatment has not been quite enough to restore quality of life. Being able to talk and chew without problems is something so many people take for granted, but for someone with TMJ dysfunction, this can be a daily struggle.

Let’s get you back to being able to enjoy meals and conversations without struggling with a painful jaw. You’ll be glad you made the call.


Pediatrics & Pregnancy

 We live in an accelerated and stressful world, and our children are starting to show signs of cracking under the pressure.

These challenges are not only emotional stresses, but physical and chemical as well. Think about what we eat, how we move our bodies and what chemicals or materials we are exposed to now that were never present when our ancestors were living robust, healthy lives in their natural environment.

Regardless of the diagnosis–ADHD, ASD, PDD, nocturnal enuresis and more–a large part of your child’s difficulties are likely to be due to maladaptive responses to these stresses, perhaps even in utero or before. By identifying the areas of your child’s life that may be contributing to their struggles and maladaptive neurological patterns that may be keeping them trapped in a life of difficulty and frustration that often affect the whole family, we can help write a new story for their future.

No one is perfect, and that is what makes us all special and miraculous. However, sometimes being different hurts, and boosting performance and adaptability can go a very long way to help. That’s where we come in. Let’s start rewriting your child’s story. It’s never too late.

 The 3-B Synergy Health System serves to balance the brain and its connection to the body and reduce the impact of the major stresses in our lives that cause harm.


How We Get To Your Core Health Challenge
With Our Neuro-BioStructural Examination

Clinical Timeline History

We take a thorough history of not only your condition, but also of your entire life on a timeline. This allows us to determine all the factors that lead to your problem, what has and has not helped so far, and what other potential genetic, metabolic, immune, and psychological factors may be impeding your recovery.

Our detailed history gives us insight into what we need to do to start making you better, so you can return to a vibrant and fulfilling life.

In order for anyone to get better from anything, it is important to figure out 1: how they got to where they are today, 2: what elements of brain function, body structure and biochemical integrity have fallen out of balance, and 3: the right starting point for their recovery.

Computerized Neurological Assessment

Posturography and vestibular/balance assessment (CAPS) a digitized analysis of balance performance in many different situations and levels of challenge. This helps us pinpoint stability and brain function deficits to certain systems: proprioceptive, vestibular and oculomotor functions (eye movement stability). Since balance is hard wired to spine support, affects emotional state and gaze stability, this is a key test to figuring out the full cause of a person’s suffering.

Infrared Video Oculography (VOG)
We use VOG to investigate the many areas of the brain involved in eye movements including prefrontal systems, parietal systems, midbrain, pontine nuclei, the cerebellum and vestibular systems. These systems are involved in multiple other functions (such as pain modulation, attention, balance, spinal structural support and parasympathetic activation), which makes this test highly useful in nearly all situations.

Neuro-Orthopedic Chiropractic Analysis

-Range of motion 

-Postural assessment

-Motor Assessment

-Sensory Assessment

-Oculomotor Assessment

-Cerebellar Assessment

-Integrated Neurological Assessment

-Spinal Function Testing and palpation

-Orthopedic Examination

Neuro-Stuctural Xray Clinical Correlation

 This allows us to “look under the hood,” so to speak. We can assess what structural damage has occurred over time due to past injuries, muscle imbalance, neurological imbalance and inflammation. This often tells us how long a problem has been brewing, and whether we are dealing with arthritic or degenerative changes that may affect healing time and case management considerations. Rest assured, however; people can live a perfectly happy life with a spine that doesn’t look so great on film. It’s the functional status of support systems that matter most, so we can help most people, regardless of how “far gone” you may have been told you are.

Once we complete your Neuro-BioStructural Examination we will have all the pieces necessary to design your personal 3-B Synergy Recovery.

Great Works Chiropractic providers customized plans to address the three foundational pillars of health for transformational healing results.


How we are different:

Our 3-B Synergy Health System is designed to help you
heal through a comprehensive multimodal approach.

At many health providers’ offices, you will find limited options: drugs or surgery, massage or stretching, manipulations or supplements. We do not believe that any one or few types of therapy can be the answer for everyone.

So instead of trying to solve every problem with a hammer, or assortment of hammers, we make sure to have a wide array of tools at our disposal, and a complete understanding of the problem at hand to match the right approach with the right person.

In addition to relief from pain, vertigo or other presenting symptoms, our patients also report:

  • more energy
  • less/no anxiety
  • improved memory
  • better quality of sleep
  • improved digestion
  • better concentration
  • greater flexibility
  • stronger immunity

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